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Emancer is a Progressive Black Metal band originating from the small village of Luster in Norway. The band was formed by Mithrin, Gorbag and guitarist X in 1996 under the name Utumno, but changed names to Emancer prior to the debut album "Utopian Illusions" in 2001.

The debut album was filled with ice cold and grim Black Metal, but after the debut album things changed. X left the band and with Mithrin in charge Emancer started walking a single-minded path. In 2003, a new album was released that sounded and felt totally unlike anything else. "The Human Experiment" is an ice cold, mechanical beast... moving at light speed! Mithrin's music and lyrics combined with Gorbag's screaming vocals proved to be a killer combination.

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Only a year later, album number three was released, and again Emancer surprised with a change of skin. "Invisible" went in virtually every direction, from monotone electricity and acoustic sadness to the most violent musical paintings of personal hell! For the first time, Emancer was recognized not only from the deepest pits of the metal underground, but was also praised by the likes of Terrorizer and Rock Hard.

In 2004 Helstein joined the band, providing additional lyrics and clean vocals. and in 2005 the fourth album was ready. "The Menace Within" is a display of creativity and true passion for music evolved into a complete package. With its edge and dynamic flow, this was Progressive Black Metal without parallel anywhere. Extreme Metal Art - exclusively! Emancer also released their first ever music video, "Pallid Eyes".

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After three years of hard work, "Twilight and Randomness" was released by Naga Productions in 2008. It was well worth the wait! Hardly ever has an underground album been more praised by the metal press than this wrapped-in-black masterpiece. "Emancer have finally stepped up into the Norwegian elite division" - Scream Magazine. In October 2010 Emancer went on their first European tour as support for Belphegor and Vreid.

Emancer 2008: Mithrin, Gorbag and Helstein.


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