U T O P I A N   I L L U S I O N S

Utopian Illusions cover

Extremist Records 2001

1. As Frost in a Desert
2. A Glimpse of Beauty
3. As the Breath of Life Calms to Silence
4. Recurrence of Mayhem
5. Vengeance
6. Boiling Sulphur
7. Lysets Bortgang [Light's Demise]

Emancer started off as a True Norwegian Black Metal band called "Utumno", releasing demos in the underground in the late 1990s. This album points to that period, as most of the material was written back in 1999. Emancer's debut album is all about grimness, coldness and total darkness. It's dirty and it's raw, but there is also a touch of mystery and the future. Not very representative for Emancer today, but a solid piece of old-school Black Metal.

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