T H E  M E N A C E  W I T H I N

The Menace Within cover

Golden Lake Productions 2005

1. Enter Goddamned CNS
2. Volatile Winter
3. Claustrophobium
4. Pallid Eyes
5. Reclamation of Merciless January
6. Bloodwhore
7. Disfigured Divinity
8. Enticing Defeat
9. Explicit Repugnance (of Dying)

Nine years after the tiny start of a band, Emancer shows itself as quite a machinery. This album is by far the most powerful, diverse, creative and atmospheric from the two-man piece! Emancer have created a pack of thundering songs, while still exploring the paths of progressive music in both acoustic and electronic ways.

"The 4th studio album from Norway's rising masters of modern black metal. Pushing the boundaries further than ever before, creating an intelligent, futuristic, avante-garde masterpiece of black metal that is truly unique and simply brilliant." -Golden Lake Productions

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